Automated Build System

All the packages provided on getdeb must be built from debian source packages and can only be uploaded by authorized contributors. The automated build system (ABS) allows contributors to upload packages, which are built for both 32 and 64 bits once the package signature is properly validated.

An email is sent to the package uploader when the package is received, build finishes and the import to the -testing repository is done.


In order to upload packages you need to have uploader privileges, for that you need to request to join the getdeb-uploaders team . You must have have a GPG key already created and associated on your launchpad account.

Packages uploads which are not signed or for which the signature author could not be verified will be silently ignored and deleted.

The source packages can be uploaded using the “dput” utility. The following configuration is required, edit your ~/ , and add:

You should allways try to build and test locally for Karmic.

# PlayDeb - Karmic

# GetDeb - Karmic

To upload a package first you will need to build and sign a source package, from the source directory, run:

debuild -S -sa

Then just upload with:

dput package_version_source.changes

dput -f karmic-getdeb-apps package_version_source.changes

Once the package is succesfully built it will automatically be imported into the testing repository, after being tested a site admin will publish it.

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