Packaging Guide

1. If you have no prior experience with Debian Packaging

  1. Read the preparing page

  2. Read the Ubuntu Packaging Guide or the Debian Maintainer's Guide , if you are not on the mood for a long reading try our quick packaging tutorial.

  3. When you feel ready, continue reading this page

If your experience is only with "checkinstall" and/or "alien" built packages, you should get back to point 1 (checkinstall and alien based packages are not reliable for massive distribution).

2. If you already have experience with package building you still need

  1. Understand the GetDebPackagePolicy

  2. Follow the packaging workflow

Note: There are several source repositories that can be used to upgrade or create packages, checking this sources may save you duplicate work, some examples are:

Tips/instructions for specific package types:

General tips and tricks for building packages

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